Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ginger is spending part of her days hanging out down at the barn...I take her down with me when I go to feed and leave it up to her as to whether she wants to come back up to the house....

She won't go down there on her own, I carry her. But once down there, she often finds something to amuse herself (like chasing balls of fluff from the cottonwoods) and stays down there for awhile.

I have now got the temporary fencing up down there for the hens. In the afternoons after their egg laying is finished, I open up the runs and they can go out all around the barn and forage for some food. They are doing a good job of "weeding" down close to the barn!

In the evening I go down and put them back in their run and bring all the meat birds back into the meat bird room.

Busy hens laying lots of eggs now every day for us!

The meat birds are getting bigger!

They are now six weeks in two weeks we can probably start butchering.

I've started scrambling eggs  daily to give to them which they love!

Greenhouse hot Peppers coming along nicely

The tomato plants are growing and flowering!

On the left are the peppers. Along the back is the Corn....this year we bought a Stihl with a blade attachment. I've been using it to clean up along side the upper driveway. It works awesome!

We also got the tiller also works well but it is quite heavy for me to use. My arms will be Huge by the time I get all the tilling done around here!

My right arm does bother me after using still gets sore.

We are harvesting Spinach, Lettuce Greens and Turnips now. The peas are growing wonderfully and are just now starting to flower. I did put them in a bit late this Year....

Today I am concentrating on getting more eggs Pickled....and I want to finish the Upper pathway in the Main Garden. I am putting down empty feed bags, then putting Straw on top of that. I'd rather not had to resort to the feed bags, but I have to do something to reduce the amount of weeding around here.

Next week, I think a bit of Fishing is in the plans! Fun....we love fishing here in the Cariboo, there are so many lakes to choose from! They stock most of the lakes around here so fishing is almost always good!
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Linda Foley said...

Wow! ginger is really growing!

Everything looks good around your place!!!

Annie said...

Hi Linda! Hope all is well with you!

Linda Foley said...

I'll send a PM via The Journey next week sometime. {{{hugs}}}

Annie said...

Hi Linda, I am never over there of the things I let go once the gardens got busier around can reach me at the gmail address

Linda Foley said...

Ah bummer, but understandable. I will email you soon then.

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