Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shop Progress

Here's one of the walls the Gman made up....

the guys are going to build them on the ground, then stand them up.

Another wall....this one has the man door framed in....

Rough fitting the sill plate.

The windows that will be used....the other day we sorted thru the pile and the Gman picked out the ones he thought he wanted to use.

I got them all scrubbed up, the window screens as well. They were pretty gross and dirty...they had been in storage for quite awhile.

The Eman and JP have arrived, and the guys are already up at the shop site working on the next walls. We have the trusses being delivered tomorrow afternoon. The Eman isn't worried, he says "Piece of cake" to get the rest of the walls done in time!

The metal roofing will be delivered at the same time. We are putting the same dark green tin on the roof, as we have on the house....Melcher's Green, it is called.

It will be interesting when it comes to choosing siding for the shop. Since we simply cannot stand the white vinyl siding on the house, we are going to take our time finding something nice to put on the shop. Then, eventually, the house will be resided with the same material.

Later today, the Nman and Kgal will arrive! I am sooo looking forward to this weekend with my family around me!!!
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Kathryn said...

have a wonderful visit with your family annie!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Annie, your garden looks like it is blooming and ready for family feast harvesting just in time! Great progress on the shop already. Enjoy!

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