Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Flurry of Canning

Seems that all we have been doing since coming home from Vancouver is canning, canning and more canning.

And...I haven't even done any cooking of all those tomatoes yet!

We needed to start emptying the freezers, in order to make room for this year's meat.

So, we canned up a good whack of Beef Stew. Here's the recipe - this makes a delicious and easy lunch in the winter time.

The Gman loves it, he takes it to work for his lunch.

It tastes wayyy better than it looks!!

We thinned the beets again and this time got enough to make 4 pints of pickled beets.

And since we are over run with eggs right now, I pickled 2 dozen of those as well!

These taste great with a mug of beer, here's the recipe ....

And we took what was left of last year's beef organs and made dog food from it. We will be getting another side of beef this Fall, so we have to make room for the fresh stuff!

We'll finish making up all the stew later today. I guess that means tomorrow I start with all the tomatoes!
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Tanya Murray said...

It sure is a busy time isn't it? I'm grateful for the pickled egg recipe too.

umbrellalady said...

I was a little envious of you, busy canning away...but only in a good way. I love canning and putting food up for the winter. I have a few gallons of crabapple juice that is in the making and will be canning those on the weekend! My garden is more than a little challenged this year and I won't have as much to put up. Still waiting for those tomatoes to ripen as well. Sigh.

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