Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Shop Progress

In the days after the boys left, the Gman got all the strapping put on the shop roof.

 Next up is the building paper, then the tin roofing.

It's really starting to come together now!!

"Measure twice, cut once.....Measure twice, cut once..."

I got the lesson in Table Saw 101. The Gman built a guide for me to cut all the pieces for blocking.

You can see that I just set them in between each of the studs.

Later, the Gman came along and started putting the blocking at the 4 and the 8 foot level between the studs.

This will sturdy up the building even more, plus give something to nail the sheathing to.
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The Mom said...

That shop is going to be a wonderful addition to your little homestead. How wonderful that the boys were able to come up and help.

Linda Foley said...

Oh wow, yes! It is looking good!

Aunt Krissy said...

The shop is looking nice. I cut twice and it's still too short!

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