Monday, August 2, 2010

The Trusses Are Up

On Saturday, the fellows started setting up the trusses......I think there are 18 in total.

The Nman happily helping out.....

And here is the end result! The trusses are all up, yeahhhh! The Gman now has to do some more bracing for the trusses, put in blocking in the walls, and lots of other detail things.

Then we can put up the sheathing on the outside walls and call for the framing inspection.

We are so glad it is as far as it is. We're thankful that the boys were so willing to come and help out with this project!!
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Angie said...

Nice progress! Bet you can't wait to fill it all up :)

Dani said...

The Nman is a very handsome young man - love the dimples :-)

You make putting the trusses up sound so easy, but I know from last year when my husband and son put our trusses up, that they weigh a lot, and are not the easiest to manoeuvre. Well done guys - looks brilliant!

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