Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gone Fishin'

We've got a lot of things to do around here, but ya know what????

We're throwing our hands up in the air and saying "Let's Go FISHING!"

Hopefully later today we can post pctures of our catch!

I'm gonna take some meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight. That's a little ritual that happens every fishing day.

It seems when we take meat out, we catch fish. If we act too cocky and say "Ha! We'll bring home trout and cook that up".....then we get skunked!

Hoping for tight lines today!
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Aunt Krissy said...

Hope you get lots of big ones!

Linda Foley said...

Thumbs up! Have fun and catch a whole messa fish!

Anonymous said...

Annie, I frequently use that contrary thinking to give me luck, e.g., for you, defrosting the the meat, so you have a good catch.

Look forward to the pictures of the catch!

Still working on my city garden and will add three raised beds; making slow, but steady progress.

Paula Jo @ garden decor said...

I hope you caught lots of fish. Sounds like fun. We are doing the hands up thing and going fishing this weekend. A few weeks ago we went fishing and thought we would go fishing after dark like we always have love to, but this time we were greeted by 6 7ft. to 10ft. alligators. We aren't going there this weekend, we are going to the sea. Keeping fingers crossed for you, and may you have lots of fish to clean.

Annie said...

Alligators? That would defintely keep me on land!!

Wait till u see the pics of our latest fishing trip...I hope to have time to get them up tomorrow.

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