Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Levelling the Land up at the Shop

The other day, a neighbour came over.

 He has a bulldozer...and he is pretty much a miracle maker with it.

I have Never seen someone do such a good job at grading and levelling as he is simply amazing!

Here's some pics of his handiwork.....

The Gman and I went around and picked up the larger sticks and rocks, threw them in the lil trailer of the John Deere....

Oh and by the way, that man door at the shop still needs to be cut out fully...the door opening is not really that small!

Look at what a smooth job he did!

There is almost ZERO raking that needs to be done after the neighbour comes in!

That's awfully nice, I'll tell ya!

The long term plan here is for us to throw down pasture grass.....

and then since it is so nice and smooth....

I can just bring the John Deere up here a couple times a year....

and give it all a good mowing.

 By doing this, it should keep the number of newly sprouted aspens to a minimum as well...

which is another bonus....cuz nuttin grows faster here than the lil alder saplings.....

on the left side of this last pic is our driveway.

For family and friends who have been here,

 they will be able to see the "bank" has been taken out.

All the lil hills and valleys are gone more losing the belt off the mower deck! Yeahhhh!

And a nice low maintenance front yard is going to be great.

We will let any Saskatoon bush that wants to sprout to go right ahead and do so....

and maybe a few new pines or spruce that poke up.

Other than that, I'll just run right over everything else!

We have our framing inspection this Friday...we think we are ready!
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1 comment:

umbrellalady said...

What a great job your neighbour did! Your area is so nice.

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