Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Shop is Almost Done for the Year

Things are happening fast now up at the shop...Gman has several things he wants

to get done up there before the snow comes....and it could come any day.

You wouldn't know that tho from the weather we are Still having up here.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside, with the sun shining every afternoon.

Very comfortable temperatures for working outside....

Back to the shop. The windows are all in now. The Typar has almost completely been wrapped...

Gman built some doors for the front of the shop. We still need to put Typar on those.

Using the quad to try and get the woodstove into place.

He built this woodstove stand out of steel....he's handy that way!

We got the woodstove for a couple dozen eggs from people down the Valley.

It's CSA approved so there won't be any problem getting insurance....

That's pretty much the end of the work at the Shop for this year. 

It's at least up to lock-up and Gman has someplace out of the weather

to work on the truck.

We're so glad it is this far!!! 
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Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

You guys made A LOT of progress with your shop this year. The Gman should be proud!

Cindy said...

Annie, I love it! I cannot believe how quickly it came together for you and GMan! I'm sure it will be a joy this winter!

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