Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Storing Carrots for the Winter

 Did you plant lots of carrots this year, like we did? We Luvs us some carrots!

 Not only do we grow lots for ourselves, but we also grow them for our piggies,

who love them maybe even more than we do!

For info on how we grow carrots here, check this out....

Here's part of our carrot harvest from a couple of years ago. We had even more this year.

Since we are NOT fans of canned carrots, we don't bother canning any.

We're not really fans of frozen carrots either, we like ours fresh.

Now if you have lots and lots of carrots you could even make....

carrot wine!

We are trying this for the first time this year.

We'll let you know how that goes!

But here's the best way we have found to store our carrot bounty....

Get yourself a plastic 5 gallon bucket or box...

put a bit of garden dirt or sand in the bottom. Next, add a layer of carrots.

Then add another layer of garden dirt on top, enough so that you can't see the carrots.

Then put in another row of carrots....

Keep alternating like this until your bucket or box is full.

And.....that's it!

Just put the bucket in your cold room

or down in your cool basement.

Or if you live in more moderate climate, you could keep them

in your unheated garage.

(Altho really you could probably get away with just leaving them

in the garden and digging them up as needed over winter.)

When we store our carrots like this, they are AS SWEET in January

as they are when we dig them out of the soil in October....seriously!

So give this a try and you should have fresh carrots at your fingertips

until well into next Spring!
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1 comment:

umbrellalady said...

I remember my grandfather talking about how he did this every year as a child and later when he had a family of his own.

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