Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homegrown and Homesmoked Ham for Dinner

Gman had the smoker going several days ago. He smoked several slabs of

bacon and also a nice sized Ham.

We had it for dinner the other nite. We scored the ham

and stuck cloves in the grooves.

Then we drizzled on a good bit of Local Honey....

Baked it at 320 for an hour and a half....

Delicious! Yet another totally Homegrown Meal!

We've got our garden potatoes, which we roasted alongside

the ham....and we made a coleslaw from

our supply of red and white cabbages...

grated some carrot in there too!

The only things we bought for this meal were

the cloves and the coleslaw dressing.

It's a wonderful feeling to sit in front of a plate full with

food and know that we supplied the WHOLE DARN THING!

Grow what you what you grow!
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Nickie said...

Thanks, now I'm hungry!! what time is dinner? :)

~mel said...

There is just no comparison!! We smoke our own hams and bacon and make our own sausages, etc... too. Along with homegrown / or farmer's market fruits and veggies that I freeze or can. In one word: YUM !!!

Gen said...

I'd love to smoke a ham, I'm going to have to look that up now, have a great day!

Annie said...

Gen, check out our label cloud in the right sidebar. If you click on "smoking hams and bacons" you can get the info on how to do it!

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