Monday, November 1, 2010

Scrubs for Working in the Garden

I've found that in the last year or two, I just can't take the heat like I used to. That's difficult for me, because I always have so much gardening and yard work to do in the summer. Sometimes, it is hot hot hot up here during the days.
Used to be, I just wore jeans and a T shirt. I don't wear shorts, because we have quite a few bugs. There's nothing worse than using two hands to do something, or hold something and being bitten to death by black flies at the same time.
This year, I started wearing scrubs! Nursing uniform pants which I found in one of the local stores. Because they are cotton, they are very lightweight. And they're made very well, so they can take the abuse that comes from being in the garden and working around the animals.

They wash up great and they don't look bad when paired with a Tshirt, although I'm getting to the point where I don't really care much what I look like!
I'm tough on my clothes and I can never seem to stay clean. I'm always wiping dirty hands on my pants, stuff like that. I found some olive green scrubs over here that I quite like and might order for next year.

Nursing uniforms seem to have come a long way since I was young. They have some pretty patterns on them now. Just the other day when I was in town, I saw a lady with Halloween scrubs on! Yes really!
If you wear scrubs because you need to for work, or just because they're comfortable and easy, check out these scrubs uniforms for sale. Sphere: Related Content


Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

That's a great idea. I don't wear shorts because I'm very fair skinned, and try to stay as covered as possible. I love my Rosie's overalls, but they are heavier than scrubs, so I'm going to give scrubs a try for the hotter parts of the year!

Theres just life said...

I use to work in a Doctor's office. I love scrubs. They also make great PJs for unexpected overnight guests. My parents had to stay the night once because a doctor's appointment ran to long. I had scrubs in all sizes I got on sale and they worked great.

Annie said...

One of the nicest things about the scrub pants, aside from how much cooler they are to how they clean up!

I get mine really dirty, but they come out of the wash nice and spanky clean!

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