Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Are YOU Looking At?

Ginger hanging out amongst some wine carboys....

check out her cool tat!

Look at her! She's living the life of Riley....

She runs the house....just like a cat!

Stop taking my picture!

Or I will!

On second thought, YOU leave....

yup...she runs the house all right!
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CanadianGardenJoy said...

I love Ginger's attitude !
My two girls Emma and Sophie run the house as well .. Emma is the brains .. Sophie is the mommy's girl to run to when things get tough ;-)
Cats are contagious aren't they ? LOL
PS .. Don't tell Ginger I think she is beautiful .. she will rat me out to my girls and then there will be hell to pay ! hahaha

Linda Foley said...

Ginger has really grown and as most cats do - run the house!

~mel said...

Oh it must be nice to live the life of a cat ~ being lazy and doing as you please. So what kind of wine do you have going there? I've made wine in the past ~ but when we moved somewhere along the route my equipment disappeared... and that was 13 years ago. I'm thinking it's time to get new supplies and give it a try again. Thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

GJ4M, I Never thought I would get so attached to her, but yeah...they are contagious!

AS for the wine, we have several on the go. I need to get a progress post up about them, but there are about 5 different kinds of fruit and veggie wines going.

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