Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ginger - the Aftermath

Yesterday I wrote about a possible fox down at the barn....

(and thanks for the comments, we did see the tracks. My friend
has lived here a long time and knows what fox tracks look like.

But, whatever it is I'll let you know once

we catch him (if we catch him)

Some shots of Lil Ginger and her injuries.....

"Aw shucks Ma, it's not so bad......quit worrying"

"Keep holding me know, just in case"

You can see the mark on her nose and right under her eye....

"Yeah, but you should see the other guy!"

"He was as big as a house, but I brought him down to size....

I coulda inflicted a lot more whoopsass on him,

but I figured I'd take it easy on him"

"I'm telling ya...I coulda been a Contender!"

"Ok that's more pics please, I'm outta here....I gotta go find a counter to jump up on."
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~mel said...

It's amazing how fast they bounce back ~ loved your commentaries on the

katlupe said...

Awww, he's a cute one, cuts and all! I hope he didn't get in a fight with a fox.

Mamabear said...

Ginger is UTD with her rabies vax correct? I ask this due to the fox couldvery well be rabbid, and if you touch the saliva on her and touch your wet tissues with siliva or secreations you could very well contract rabies. We had a scare with a k-9 large k-9 going after my dog. All is ok though.

Annie said...

Well we never did find out what exactly happened. The trap is long gone, the chickens are outside again and no wild animals are coming around....

Mamabear, welcome to the blog...yes Ginger had her rabies shot just about a month before this happened, thank goodness! You bring up a very good I didn't even think about till u mentioned it.

Glad we had her get the shot when she did!

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