Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse....Solstice!

Photograph by: Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images

Who stayed up late last night to see the lunar eclipse? Anyone?

I would have loved to, but just couldn't stay awake....after a great bonfire at friends, I came home and went to bed.

Today I need to get my fudge made....and do some more decorating. I think the kids arrive Thursday evening...and the Gman comes home tomorrow!

Happy Solstice everyone! I love, bit by bit, the days will begin to get longer. That means that soon I will have my nose in seed catalogues, contemplating the next gardening season. Love it!!
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umbrellalady said...

I missed the lunar eclipse because of a good prairie snowstorm! It would have been wonderful to see it!

Linda Foley said...

OH! I didn't realize it was here already!!!! Oh great! Now I better get working on my garden beds some more...

Linda Foley said...

AND I just looked it up... check out this page (if you want to of course ;)

The Lunar Eclipse

Sparkless said...

It was cloudy here or I'd have stayed up to see it.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Wish I could have but it's been snowing here for the last day or so. Another 8" or better of the white curse, and it's still falling.

pamela said...

Hey Annie-actually I did see it. I went to bed and kept watching the clock. I was so sleepy,but I could not sleep-for fear of missing it. And it looked just like what Linda had looked up to view. Looked like an eggyoke to me.

Annie said...

The folks at the bonfire who stayed up later than I sure did see it....a tinge of red to it, they said.

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