Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas Wish Came True!!

What did I ask for from Santa for Christmas this year?

All I wanted was to have all the kids here

up in the Cariboo, enjoying some family time.

And my wish came true!!

The Nman, Kgal, JP, and the Eman....making me smile for 5 days straight!!!

Because I heard rumours that ALL men like pictures

of scantily clad women hanging in their shop....

I had this sign made up for the Gman.

Click on it to make the picture bigger so you can see it...

check out the license plate!!

Because his Mama is still firmly entrenched in her

second childhood, the Nman got me a Toboggan!!

So late Christmas morning after opening presents and a big breakfast....

we headed down to the local gravel pit for some action!

It was so warm out the Nman isn't even wearing his jacket....

Kgal and JP tobogganing down the longest hill...

Eman riding down the run he and Nman built...

Lots of runs and jumps in this gravel pit!

Someone had made this jump in the days before Christmas...

Eman, Nman and their Mama riding the new 'boggan!

The Christmas bird....homegrown of course!

8 pounds of chickeny goodness!

The family.....

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Linda Foley said...

Awesome! And Annie... you've got hair!!! *hugs*

Theres just life said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. I am glad your Christmas wish came true. I also love your pjs and the gift you got.
Also were did you get Gman's gift?

Nina Diane said...

oh happy your Christmas wish came true! Having family around makes Christmas the best!! And I love your tobaggan. Your hair looks great too :)

Annie said...

We had an absolutely awesome time. I still need to get the pics of our sleighride up.

Theres just life, I ordered it thru our local Pharmasave. They have a separate store with all kinds of giftware. It was actually made by a USA company. Email me if you want to know more and I will find out for you.

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