Monday, December 13, 2010

"One of These Things" - Part Two

Yes, there IS a goose on the porch!

This is T.....he/she is a Canada Goose....

Many months ago, my Valley friends got a phone call...

someone had found 2 little goslings with no Mama.

They kept going back to see if Mama was maybe just "away" but

she never did come back.

So, this person called my friends to see if they

would be willing to take the 2 goslings and take care of them....

until they were old enough to fly away.

They said yes, and actually they had done this before years ago

with another set of goslings.

So all spring and summer the 2 little goslings lived on their

farm....until one nite something got one of them.

Now T is on his own. Our friends have taught him how to fly....

yes seriously.

They would take T out for walks, and he would follow along.

Eventually they would get in their truck and slowly go down

the driveway, calling T,

who would follow the truck, waddling down the driveway.

Eventually, the truck would go faster and faster

and thus T learned to fly.

He now, and I mean this seriously, flies in formation

with the truck going down the road.

If our friends ever get the video up on Youtube, I will

put the link on here so you can see it.

It is AMAZING....

Our friends have two dogs. It has become the duty of one

of the dogs to look after T, and he does an

admirable job.

Look at Ginger, she can't figure out what the heck it is!

The reason the goose is still with them is that he/she

was too young in the Fall to fly away with other geese.

Now, if this goes according to plan (and it did work the last time)

come this Spring, when the Canada Geese fly over our valley,

T will likely join them. If not in the Spring, in the Fall

almost 100% for sure. Our friends have read up on others

doing this and really, the geese do eventually join flocks and move on.

In the meantime, T enjoys nibbling on shoelaces and will try to eat

your pants if he/she is hungry.

He/she is already going for flights along the creek which

meanders thru our Valley. It'll be a sad day when T flies off for good,

but it'll be a good day.

We don't like interfering with nature, but my friends

did not want to see the 2 little goslings get eaten by wildlife....

so this is what they did. a couple of years if you ever have a Canada Goose try to nibble

on your shoelaces, maybe it is T!

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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

That is so cool! And what a cool dog that looks out for his lil' goose friend.

umbrellalady said...

This is extraordinary how all the animals just seem to hang out together like that.

Linda Foley said...

That is really neat!

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