Saturday, December 18, 2010

Renovating a Bathroom?

Did I mention that we are going to do a major update on our main floor bathroom? This is our only bathroom on the main floor of this big house. This means it's used not only by company coming by for a coffee, but also by any of our guests who stay here. The guest bedroom is on the main floor, so that's the bathroom they use.

It's a full bathroom, meaning it has a tub/shower, sink and toilet. When we moved in, my Dad gave it a good paint job for us. We haven't changed out any of the fixtures though and we do want to do that.

Actually, our thought is to rip out the bathroom fixtures and move them up to Gman's shop. He wants a small biffy in there...toilet and sink with vanity. So he can have these, and you know what that means???

I get to buy new fixtures!!! Yeah!!! So checking out some websites, I came across this site....I love the gooseneck taps! And the new modern sinks...the bathtubs are so nice, but we won't be ripping out the bathtub shower combo that is already there. It's still in good shape and they are an absolute bear to get out. has pretty much anything we may need in order to give the bathroom a good update. I really like the square head rainwater shower head, beautiful! Sphere: Related Content

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