Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets - Book Review

Now that we are into a brand New Year, with the holidays (and all that extra eating) behind us, this is a great time to make a resolution for 2011 to get into better shape. Eating better, being more active, having a positive outlook - all these things go a long way to give using a greater quality of life. We can live longer too!
I've just finished reading Stefan Aschan's new book Alpine Weight Loss Secrets. It's a good, it's a great read! It's not a diet book, it's a lifestyle book. It's about "flexing your mental muscle" and changing the way you think. In turn, this helps you more easily change the way you eat. Adjusting your attitude is great for your health, as it lowers stress levels, feelings of frustration and boredom.

Raised in Austria, Stefan has always lived a very active lifestyle. Working as a fitness trainer in New York City, he has helped countless people make positive changes in their attitude, and in turn, their health and weight. Stefan has a degree in Culinary Arts as well as a Master's degree in Nutrition. He is a “Living” contributor to the Huffington Post, the CW-11 Morning Show, and the health page of ABC News Now.
The book raises many good points to know, such as the fact that all calories are not alike. He discusses the benefits to your health from eating "low to the ground" products from grass fed animals.
There are many worksheets included in the book, so at the end of each chapter, you can write down YOUR thoughts about how you perceive that chapter and the changes YOU can make based on the information.
Included is a 2 Day Alpine Cleanse, 7 Best Flat Belly Boosters and pages and pages of clearly described exercises (with lots of photographs). The benefits of adding flax seed and evening of primrose oil to your daily meals is discussed along with a host of other nutritional tips.
Also included are sample meal plans and over 60 recipes for easy to prepare meals. Yes, I do mean easy to prepare! Easy even after a full day at work, kids activities and social obligations, these meals do not take long at all to put on the table. And you'll start seeing the benefits quickly.

"Stop playing the blame game and get out of your own way" is one of the things I read that really does make so much sense! Stefan discusses photosynthesis and the "trapped light in foods", which are so beneficial to your cells and the difference shows not only in your body, but on your skin as well.

Stefan's book, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets was just released on January 9. Check your local bookstore to get your copy!

You can read more on Stefan's website here.

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