Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come Join Us On A Journey!

If you're interested in learning about starting a garden (flowers or vegetables, fruits, etc.) come on over here to The Journey.

Want to learn about raising pigs, laying hens, meat birds, goats, sheeps, cows or other animals? There's information there (and will be lots more) over at The Journey.

The Journey to Homesteading is a forum where you can ask your questions, keep a gardening journal, have a place where you can post your garden/animal pictures and share the knowledge you gain with others who are just starting out on Their Journey.

We all know there is a learning curve when it comes to getting your soil in shape, seeding your veggies and getting chicks for the first time. Let's learn together and support each other on a path towards feeding your family Good Naturally Grown Food!

There is a wealth of information over here for you to read. Please sign up and become a member, then post in the Introduce Yourself section, so we know you are there!

The Journey to Homesteading is a path you will be glad to take!

I have put a "button" over on the right sidebar. Either click the links above or click the button. Guests are welcome to read the posts, but you must become a member to post on the boards.

Near the top of the page, under the Ads, you will see a Register button. Click that to get started! Linda from Lindercroft and me, Annie, from Country Living in a Cariboo Valley and our other members will be glad to welcome you!

Once registered, you are welcome and encouraged to grab a "button" to put on your blog or website! Sphere: Related Content

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