Monday, January 31, 2011

Using Lockers Around the Home

Lockers aren't just for school anymore. There are a variety of what we remember as school lockers that aren't just for those long hallways of learning.

If you are needing extra storage room around your house, but are lacking in closet or attic space, consider using kids lockers when designing their bedrooms.

The previous owners of our home had wood lockers set up in both the mud room and the laundry room. They are a great space saver and can handily store all those outdoor winter clothes that otherwise seem to fill a mud room. By the time you've stored big puffy winter coats, scarves, hats and mitts, as well as the bulky boots it can look like a bomb went off in the room.

Unfortunately for us, they took all the lockers when we bought the place. When we get around to redesigning the mud room (and we will, it is only a matter of time) we'll likely be putting in a locker or two to store some of our outerwear. They would also be great for storing sports equipment like skates and snowshoes! Sphere: Related Content

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