Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Wonder If They Would Notice?

I'm sitting in the office at my parents place, working away on the computer. Although I am on vacation, there are a few things I am working on which we'll let you know about in a bit.

Here's my view. I love these windows. They are original to the house and I don't know how old it is. They are the old leaded windows and I love the diamond pattern.

I love being able to look outside in mid-February and see green!

Actually, I see a Palm Tree! Did you know we can grow these on the Coast where it is much more temperate? Some people wrap burlap around the Palm Trees, but you can see this one is showing all it's beauty. The tips aren't as green as the rest of the leaves, but it is fine.

See the Camellia in the foreground on the left? I love the plants and

I see it has a few nice healthy suckers coming out at the bottom. I wonder if they would notice if I dug a couple of them up?

It may be too cold in our Valley for a camellia - I will have to check.

Meanwhile, Carol over at artmusedog (which you should check out) has been interviewing bloggers about their creative styles in their lives.

Check out her interviews over here - thanks Carol for the opportunity you gave me to spread the word about vegetable gardening and our forum The Journey to Homesteading.
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