Friday, February 4, 2011

World Cancer Day

Today, February 4 is World Cancer Day. As part of Bloggers Unite, I am writing about Cancer today to help promote ways to raise awareness of Cancer research, preventing Cancer and raising the quality of life for Cancer patients. I'm supposed to write about how cancer has effected myself or someone in my life.

Some of you older readers already know I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in late June of 2009. By early July 2009, I had a mastectomy. By October, I stepped onto the not so merry-go-round of chemotherapy. Then, from January to mid-February 2010, I had my right side of my chest and my underarm area radiated for 6 solid weeks, Monday to Friday.

So far, it's worked. But it's not just me I write about today. It's all around us, isn't it? Cancer, that is. In the last 18 months, we have lost 2 friends to Cancer. One of my girlfriends, Anita, has Breast Cancer (again) right now. Another one of my close friends has had a Breast Cancer scare, which thankfully turned out to be nothing to worry about.

I have a cousin (who may read this) who was diagnosed with Cancer very soon after I was. We emailed each other letters and words of encouragement, support and positiveness. Unfortunately, his treatments have not worked. I am dedicating today's post to him.

Please Give to Cancer Research. It is the only way the field of medicine can continue to research and hopefully develop new treatments.

For those of us who are Cancer Survivors, we are surviving because of previous Cancer Patients. They were the ones who willingly signed up for studies so that doctors and researches could learn more about what they could do to save more lives.

Here's a picture of a couple of my friends and I having lunch this last week.

From left, Annie, Anita and Barb

When I used to live in Parksville, there were 5 of us gals who got together once a month for Margarita Night at my place. They all came over with some awesome appetizers and I supplied the Margaritas! Lots of fun to be had on those evenings. You know....out of the 5 of us, 3 of us have had Breast Cancer. And so these are my BC Sisters, good friends that share a common thread (unfortunately) with me.

If you have been recently diagnosed with Cancer, or if you want to read my story you can do so over here.
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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Congratulations everyday, Annie! I love your picture too! I will toast you tonight. Slainte!

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