Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seedling Progress

It's been a busy couple of days here. Here's a quick post showing a little bit of progress with my starting seeds.

The dill I seeded is doing great, many cups have 2 plants in them. Usually I only seed 1 per cup, but I am using seed that is a couple of years old and I wasn't sure how they would germinate.

Now I will have two choices - I can either transplant them into 2 cups or just clip one seedling off.

And I have some Basil up already which is fantastic. Nothing yet from any of the Peppers I seeded, although they do take awhile to break the surface.

I have one measly Coreopsis poking through from the 21 I planted. I will give them a few more days to see if any more come up.

As for the Violas, 0 so far. I seeded a bunch of these last year, but can't remember how long they took to poke through. I'll leave the also for a few more days to see if anything happens.

No Onions up yet as of last evening....

How are your seedlings doing?

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Jean Campbell said...

Hooray for sprouts!

I have purple Daturas with true leaves; Castor Beans are up. The first Pride of Barbados sprouted.

I'll soon be planting seeds directly in the ground.

katlupe said...

Since I just started mine a few days ago they aren't up yet. Trouble is I don't have a real warm place for them right now. We can't have a light on them like you do. But I find they usually start well in time for planting.

Annie said...

Hi Nell Jean, seeing your name reminds me to get on over to Blotanical soon!

Kat, I start so many inside that I need lights lol. i will have trays and trays of seedlings in the living room once I am thru.

As soon as they are established enough, I move them upstairs to make room for new seeds to sprout!

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