Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on Education

When I worked at the local College years ago, education was...well, yes a priority. Not only for the students, but for the teachers, staff, support staff, everyone who worked there. There were refresher courses required of everyone the whole time I worked there. Each year I had to renew my First Aid training. Each year I took computer courses to enhance my knowledge of this mighty machine. If I had known then that I would end up writing a blog and running a forum, I think I would have requested courses other than Word and Access. I need to look into taking HTML courses!
Through working there, I became a believer in life long education. All those years ago, it was explained to us that the average person will change their career five times before retirement. Gone were the days of getting hired on at a young age and staying faithfully with that company, as it often was in my father's generation.

When I worked at the College, online courses became popular. Each term, I would program (which means set them up) about 80 of them (easier than that sounds) along with the 300 other courses (harder than it sounds) that were handed down to me from above. I would keep my eyes peeled for an interesting online course. Not just computer courses or writing courses - something more than that and different from that.

When does a person stop learning? Never, I think. Life is a learning experience, right?

Here's a site I found - they offer Forensic Science Degrees online. Now, that appeals to me. I love CSI, although I find it pretty corny. Much prefer Grissom to Horatio. Check out this site, it's one of the few science education schools where you can take online courses.

I learned they also think CSI is a bit corny - check out their compilation of Most Ridiculous CSI scenes!

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Jean Campbell said...

Do you know about MIT's free online courses? No credit, but marvelous for life-long learners.

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