Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bare Land

The snow is almost gone here now. Although everything seems very brown right now, give it a few weeks!

It will green up and at the same time, the creek banks will overflow. For maybe one or two weeks a year, we have waterfront!

But here is what it looked like yesterday morning....

You know, I had forgotten that I had laid black plastic down over part of the Berry Bed in the Fall.

I'm glad I did - this should help keep at least some of the weeds down.

You can see there is only a tiny bit of snow left on the garlic bed, and also the strawberry beds that are part of our Main Garden.

Here's the Main Garden, on the far left is the Asparagus Bed.

The far left part of our yard. If you look far out into the pasture, you can see the Creek running...

There it is. It's a shame that we can only see it at this time of the year. Hopefully that will change over time, as we get to work rejuvenating our pastures.

And the driveway. It's beginning to dry out. This year, we want to get a LOT of gravel put down. This should help keep the mud down I hope.

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Lynda said...

You really live in a beautiful part of the World. I bet you can hardly wait to start planting!

Overthrust said...

Ahh, nice to see. I'm heading up to my property, which I think is somewhat close yours, in mid-may. It's nice to see that the snow should be all gone.

Samantha said...

Could you post a drawing of your garden layout? I would love to see what all you have and how you rotate throughout the years. Here in Northcentral Montana we are just experiencing our spring flooding and waiting for the green-up switch to flip. :) Enjoy your blog!

Theres just life said...

Glad to see things are starting to thaw out in your neck of the woods. We are already into the 80s down here. Too hot, too soon. It plays havoc on getting my garden in. One day it is too early, the next too late. Our spring seemed to last about 1 week. But that is the life of a Gardner anywhere isn't it.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Yes! You have bare ground. We also have a muddy mess in the drive and plans to load it full of gravel for better drainage and less muck. All of your hard work last fall is already paying off.

Annie said...

While we are having a little snow flurry each day it seems, it is not sticking. Every day it gets drier and drier, great! Have fun at your property Adam. One of these times we will have to meet.

Samantha, is a drawing of the crop rotation you are looking for?

TJLife, you are sure right about that. Gardening is always up and down, that doesn't seem to stop us from carrying on tho. A full pantry come Winter is well worth it.

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