Monday, April 11, 2011

Checking Out the New Hens

This afternoon I had hoped to be outside working. The snow has melted off of one of my flower beds and I wanted to clean it up. Then the wind came up and the snow started coming down...again.

It is probably best that I don't work too much. I have hurt my left shoulder pulling big truck tires out of the back of my SUV. I am not convinced I should be doing any hoeing yet. Hopefully in the next day or two it will feel better.

Remember when we got our new hens? Twelve new beauties came to live with us. I took these pictures the day after they arrived.

They were settling in to their new coop and I had one of the little chicken doors open so they could go out into the run if they wanted.

I was up at the house looking out the window and I saw Ginger.

Oh look she is back up in the barn loft. Great! Maybe she will find a mouse or two.

But then I realized she was staring down into the chicken run, where a few of the new girls were.

And I mean really staring!

Then I realized (duh!) what she was up to. She was just getting ready to jump down.

I flung open the door and yelled at her. That startled her into first jumping back up into the barn and then starting to make her way back up to the house.

I don't know if she would have hurt the hens, I would like to think not.

Here she is slinking up the path, knowing full well she is in trouble.

Not that she cares, because she is Ginger and we all know Ginger rules.

Don't you look all innocent there, Missy! Stay away from the chickens!

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Lisa said...

My barn cats never, ever bother the chickens, even the day old chicks that would be such easy pickens.

Weird. Maybe they know I'll have their hide if they even look at a feather the wrong way.

Annie said...

That's good to know. How old are your cats? Ginger is still quite young, so I am not sure that she could be trusted.

umbrellalady said...

Cats definitely follow their own agenda but also definitely know when they have done something wrong!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Fun pictures to capture! Is ginger the same color as the chickens? I hope your shoulder heals quickly for you. Wintergreen essential oil has helped my over enthusiastic exertions lately...!

Annie said...

Oh yes cats definitely have an agenda! Kari, she is the same colour as some of the hens, she is also the same colour as the flooring in our house.

Makes it easy for her to trip us up - I think she planned it that way!

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