Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fire a Day

On Sunday, I wrote about one of the ways that I can tell that Winter is on its way out, and Spring is on the way in.

Here's another way I can tell - for the last 5 days or so, I have only been building one fire a day. Just enough to take the chill off. By the early afternoon, the sun is shining through our windows and we gain the benefits.

The fellow who build this house must have done so with passive solar in mind. It can get very sunny and bright here, and often is during the Winter. How I love feeling the warmth of the sun come through the windows and heat our home for free.

A couple of days ago, I cleaned out the Woodstove. Now we are coming to the end of season of lighting fires. Usually by some point in May, the woodstove will stop being lit at all. When that happens, we will do a little woodstove maintenance and I will give it a good cleaning and polishing.

I can't wait! If you are new to having a woodstove to heat your home, check out this post. It is very important to clean out the box on a regular basis. Our stove is a Dutchwest and although it is not a cookstove, it does have a nice flat top.

This lends itself very well to cooking up some soup or stew. Sometimes we cook breakfast on it, homemade smoked bacon and homegrown eggs.

There's nothing like a woodstove! If you have access to lots of forest, as we do, consider putting in a stove. It will pay for itself in a few years, with what you will save on electricity costs for heating. And if the power goes out - you just cannot beat having a woodstove. Sphere: Related Content

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umbrellalady said...

We had a lovely woodstove in our first house and didn't take it with us when we moved...and regretted it ever since!

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