Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our New Website

I have realized over the last six months that this Blogger blog has grown quite a bit. Thanks to all of you for reading and keep coming back to read some more! I have also appreciated the emails I get from readers, commenting further and asking questions.

I have been working on another website, one using Wordpress as there are more options for the writer. Of course, This writer needed to figure out how to use Wordpress and believe me there have been frustrated expletives raised on more than one occasion.

Thankfully a great lady got in touch with me and offered to help. Not only did she help, but I love what the end result looks like. I am very appreciative to her!

Please come on over to and check out the new site. This is still a work in progress so bear with me. I will be posting over there and I am hoping that you will all boookmark the new site and keep with what we're doing.

If you follow this Blogger blog, you can follow the new site using Google Friend Connect. I already have a Google Friend Connect box set up there, so just click on it to add to your list of blogs.

We are on Facebook - - please "Like" us there!

We're also on Twitter and can be found at Please follow us on Twitter!

I will still post here on Blogger, but the majority of posting will now be taking place over at the new site"

Please come over and check out the new site. Be sure to leave a comment so we know you are there, and let us know how you think it all looks. There is a Country Living Store where you can purchase your needed supplies.

And, this morning, I posted about Growing Rhubarb. Rhubarb is one of the first spring producers and deserves a place in every garden, whether it is a city backyard or a large Rhubarb bed on your country acreage. Come on over and read about Rhubarb. Sphere: Related Content


Linda Foley said...

Ah you moved over! I was wondering if you would eventually...


Kerri said...

HOORAY!!! I was going to answer your Blog Frog recommendation by saying I am interested in growing my own food in the way I'm interested in deep-sea diving. Would love it, am so far from actually doing it. :) Now with your new website I'm a little closer! Thank you!

Jen said...

People keep saying I should move to wordpress but I can't get it to work on my Mac. Besides I really love blogger.

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