Friday, April 8, 2011

Seedling Progress

Here's an update of how my veggie and herb seedlings are doing.

The Basil is looking really good. Great germination and I have transplanted them from two to a cup to one in each cup. They will stay in the cups until I am ready to put them in larger pots for on the porch.

I had great germination with the Dill as well. I also had them 2 seeds to a cup. Dill does not really like to be transplanted and you can tell that from the pictures. Some are still in recuperation mode. I have them all one to a cup now. Next transplanting will be into the garden.

On the left are some of the Peppers. I am growing Yellow Hot, Orange Hot, Cayenne and some of Marion's Hot Hot Hot Peppers. Oh and also quite a few Sweet Green Peppers.  I have transplanted all of these to one in each cup now too. Next move for them will likely be straight into the Greenhouse. That won't happen for several more weeks.

I will probably have a pot or two of mixed peppers on our porch, as in years past.

To the right of the Peppers are some more Basil. Behind them are the Parsley seedlings. They are taking their sweet time getting started, but that's OK.

In the front are some Wave Petunias. I had a beautiful purpley pink one on the porch last year. Now these are Hybridized. So, although I have had good germination, we will have to wait to see what the flowers look like. They will likely not be purple tho.

Some of the green cabbage. I took this picture on April 5 so they are already looking a bit better than this. I normally have really good germination with Cabbage and they grow HUGE here in the Cariboo.

My Red Cabbage is up and slowly growing. I have also seeded a half flat of Broccoli and half flat of Cauliflower. Yesterday I started a half flat of Cherry Tomatoes and a half flat of Brussel Sprouts.

If I get the time this afternoon, I am going to start getting the Greenhouse ready for Spring!

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katlupe said...

They look great Annie!

umbrellalady said...

Your seedlings look so good! If my cat would quit walking across my flats I think mine would have more of a fighting chance...

Annie said...

Thanks Kat and Umbrella lady, you will be able to see the progress later today once I get up another Wordless Wednesday post.

The plants are literally taking over the living room. Tomorrow I will start moving some down to the greenhouse.

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