Thursday, May 12, 2011

Freeze-Dried Food Storage

Over the last few years we have heard over and over again about food prices increasing. This year alone there have been droughts in parts of the MidWest, extremely cold winters even in the SouthEast and flooding all over Canada and the USA. Many of these areas provide vegetables and fruit for much of the country.

We are able to provide a lot of our own food by growing it ourselves. Two big gardens and a barnyard full of animals allows us to provide roughly 85% of the food we eat. Over the last couple of years, gardening centres and seed companies have seen a huge increase in sales. Obviously, more and more people are recognizing the benefits of growing some of their own food.

My concern is that grocery prices are going to increase more and more - actually I feel they are going to skyrocket. What can we do about that? There is only so much money from the paycheque to go around.

What about people who live in cities or in the suburbs with a small backyard? If they can't grow a good portion of their own food, there are other options. The Freeze-Dried Food Storage website is a good option. There you can buy food today, have it on hand for tomorrow and pay less for it.

Check out their website for good information about inflation and hyperinflation, which I believe is what we are moving towards.

You can buy fruits, vegetables and even milk through Freeze-Dried. Freeze drying enables you to store large quantities of food in little space. It preserves the freshness of the foods as well as the nutritive content.

The company is organizing "Try-n-Buys" in towns across the USA. You are more than welcome, actually encouraged, to try the food before making a decision whether to purchase. You will learn about freeze dried foods and their storage needs.

At one of the Group Try-n-Buys, because you would be ordering in bulk (with other people) you get discounts off the food.

Purchase a 3 month supply and get a special bonus pack for free.

If there is no scheduled Try-n-Buy in your town, they will happily organize one for you. All you have to do is give them a call, and for a group of 25 they will be more than happy to set up a Try-n-Buy.

So, if you are concerned about the price of food and the availability of food for your family, think about this option. If you live in the City and are unable to garden yourself, think about this option. Do you have a large family, one that eats more than what you can provide from your vegetable garden? Then think about attending a Try-n-Buy.

Freeze-Dried Foods are doing Try-n-Buys in all states this summer. Reserve your spot for when they arrive in your town!

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katlupe said...

Yes! Freeze dried foods do have a place in food storage. We buy freeze dried and dehydrated foods and then incorporate them into our every day foods. I never buy anything we do not eat. That is why we stopped buying rice and beans. Neither one of us really cared for them.

Carpe Diem said...

I have certainly seen the cost of food go up. I just ran out of Coconut oil and was totally shocked to see it had DOUBLED in price!

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