Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sometimes It's Best to Hire Someone!

Do you have a website that sells a product? A blog about your life that also has the eBooks you’ve written for sale?

Then you probably have heard of how helpful social media can be. Do you already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Started an account with Rebel Mouse? Are you pinning away your hours on Pinterest (like me!)?

Social media networking has been in the fore for the many years now. With more and more people joining social media networks, it’s become one of the best ways to promote your website or product.

Knowing HOW to use social media is different from just using social media. There’s a lot to learn and I still don’t know if I have it even halfway right!

That’s why I’m considering hiring someone to take care of the social media for all my websites and the forum. A company like Mandrien could do a much better job of social networking than I can.

I don’t have the time to spend hours on social media. I try to keep the Facebook page at least somewhat updated. I suck at Twitter. I think it’s time to turn it over to someone who knows how to do this properly.

Check out this article on how Mandrien approaches using social media. Learn 8 important tips for using social media over on the Mandrien title insurance blog.
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