Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Wood Man

My parents arrived just the other day....they rolled in around 5pm, we had a nice dinner and of course, first thing the next morning, Dad was rarin to get working!

Here he is....Dad likes his women busy, and his coffee available at ALL times. He will take his coffee fresh, stale, hot, warm or cold. He doesn't care how long it has sat in the pot or how burnt the coffee tastes.
He has 3 demands....keep the coffee coming, don't move his favourite coffee mug, and last, keep finding things for him to do. Cuz if there ain't nothing for him to do, he is OUTTA here.
Remember that BIG stack of wood he dumped for him for his birthday? Yeah, uh huh, it's gone. It was split and stacked in about 2 hours his first morning. Since then, he's been buggin the Gman to buck up more wood, cuz you know, DAD just can't sit still.
He's been promoted to chain saw he can get his own wood.....and Boy, is he happy!!!!
I keep muttering things to him, like "Rome wasn't built in a day Dad" and "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"....he don't listen. He just keeps on going....we have tried to find his "OFF" switch, but apparently he just does Not have one!
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Robin Follette said...

I like your dad!

hyd said...

that's totally my dad too!! mr. worky work work.

Aunt Krissy said...

sounds like my Dad also, toher then with my dad, DONT WASH the COFFEE CUP!

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