Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kathryn from Surrey (who wants to move to the island and grow my own food...)

Kathryn From Surrey - Are you out there? I want to let you know I have NOT forgotten your comment with those questions.....remember? These questions:

How do you know what to do and when to do it? (is that two questions?)
Do you read farming books every day?
do you just do trial and error and then take notes and refer to them?
Do you have a farming gene?
Did it take you a year to find your rhythm?

And I wanted to let you know that I am going to start answering your questions...not today (Becuz I need to go drink beer and get horse poop :) Hey, I have to get my priorities in the right order!!

But soon, real soon! I think they're Great good that I should take them one at a time and put some good info out there....

Don't know if you have noticed, but I have already put 5 Really Good Books over there in the right hand column. I think I should try to sum up each of the books....kinda like a book review. That way, you'll know why I like each of them. Then, if you want, try to see if your library has a copy. Or, just click on the book over on the right, and it will take you directly to Amazon where you can order a copy for I would get a tiny referral too!

Thanks for your patience!

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Anonymous said...

I am ! I am out there (in more ways than one, LOL).
I am so glad you aren't bothered by my questions, and am looking forward to the answers. I'm already interested in the "Putting Food By" book I read about in another of your posts. I just love the look of a room full of jars of preserved food. Yum !...and we already have a freezer full of 1/2 a bison, trucked down from northern bc and cut for us by a local butcher...I'm rambling....
Kathryn from Surrey

Annie said...

Hi Kathryn...maybe tomorrow I can answer your farming gene question....I have got some more info from my parents about our family's history of I just have to write it up!

We met a bison farmer (that sounds kinda weird, lol) the first summer we were here...boy, they are Huge'd need some pretty secure fencing I would think! Hope you are enjoying the meat - we sure like the taste!

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