Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Seeds!

Ahhh, it's Sunday...gotta love Sundays. Slept in this morning, which is always a nice treat...we skipped coffee at the neighbours and hung out in jammies, getting a slow start to our day.

Well, my first seedling table is already full, lol! This morning I planted the last of the first round....21 Red Acre Cabbage and 28 Habanero peppers. (We think they are Habanero)

Here's the jar of dried peppers from last year. We bought these at a farm stand a few hours away. I dried them over the woodstove (cut them in half first), and now they sit on our kitchen counter. They are filled with seed, so I have planted them and we'll wait to see if they come up.

The cabbage is starting to come up quite nice! I counted 35 that have already poked thru!

I've just started making some bread, and am gonna head out with a cup of tea for G, who is working on his trucks....what a job!

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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