Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Pigs

Our 3 little pigs are settling in quite well! The weather has been nice enough in the afternoon that they are staying out in their little run, rooting away.....
so here they are...there's Stubby in the front (can you tell how he got that name!). Behind him is Patches, and on the right is Whitey (at least, he is Whitey until we come up with a better name!)
Last year we got kinda attached to our pigs...Porky and Choppy. During the winter, we were determined not to get too close to our next batch of piggies...but durn it, it is happening anyway. How can we help it? They are so bloody cute!
They'll have a grand ole time living here on the farm until it's time to go to freezer camp...and yes, that is what happens. But there's lots of months between now and then, we're going to make sure they have fun in the meantime! Fresh air, sunshine, dirt to root around in, and garden veggies to eat...they'll have a good life.
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