Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working on the Barn

The G man has been working on framing in the first of two rooms down in the second half of the barn. This room will be used for meat birds, and they should be arriving the second week of June.

The area above the ceiling will be used to store hay....and there will be a window in each outside wall of the can see the window opening in the picture. There will be a man door in the breezeway wall, you can see the opening on the right in the picture....

Outside, he needed to extend the "yard" a bit so that there would be enough room to have an outside run for the meatbirds. First, a tree needed to come down. We'll get that cleaned up when the snow melts some more, and I'll probably light a small fire right there and burn the small branches. The bigger limbs and the trunk will be cut and saved for firewood.

Back to the meat birds...Cornish Giants tend to sit around a lot, so it's not really that they need room to's more that we want them to have access to the sunshine and fresh air....they'll probably get put out in the run in the daytime, if weather cooperates....

so we will put up fence posts and wire and enclose this should work quite well, and the birds will have the choice whether to be in the sunshine or in the shade.
It sure does help to have an excavator on hand!

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