Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seed Update

Here's a new pic of my seeding room in action...the other day I seeded 42 Cayenne Peppers...yeehaw! Now I wait with fingers and toes crossed to see if they will germinate.

These pepper seeds came originally from my brother about 5 years ago....we planted some the following year and got a bounty crop of cayennes...the following year we were too busy building our last place, so I didn't seed any. The year after that, we seeded, but didn't get any crop.

Last year, we seeded again, and got just a couple THIS year, I am seeding all of the seeds I have, and will commit to being diligent with them, so we can get a good harvest. I like adding a cayenne pepper to each quart of pickled eggs I make, so over the year, we can use quite a few peppers that way.
I was downstairs this morning to water, and lo and behold....there are TWO cabbages coming up already! Thank you!!!!
I wonder if this inspirational plaque helped, I think it did....I got this for Christmas from JP, who knows how much I love gardening, and also listens to me whine about how much more challenging it is to garden up here in Zone 3, instead of the Zone 8 I am used to....

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