Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 Little Pigs

The piggies are doing well. They are spending most of the day outside while the weather has been nice. They look like they are putting on a bit of weight, and seem it's all great. They're rooting around (making Their Own future garden) and it looks like we will have to enlarge their run within the next week.

We've been putting a flake of hay in their run every day, gives them something extra to munch on...

I took a couple of pics this afternoon....they say a happy pig has a curled tail. Well....2 out of our 3 qualify. The other one, we just can't tell.....

Patches and Whitey, yeah, they have their tails curled...with Stubby, we just can't tell.....

Little Stubby doesn't have a tail....his mama stepped on it unfortunately. But he is happy, we can tell. He's the first one to come up to us...he likes boots and bootlaces....Our last pigs did too.

When we're in the pen with them, they like to try to nibble on our boots. We have to be careful with pigs. We want to "train" them a bit, remembering that in a few months, they will be a LOT bigger....and a lot harder to handle.

You can see how they have been rooting up their pen. They're still so little, so it takes some time, but the bigger they get, the faster they will root up their run...and then we'll be moving them more often.
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