Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seed Swap

Yesterday morning, we went into town to go to the Seed was our first time there and it was great! You can literally swap seeds (or buy seeds) from vendors and other gardeners.....

Here is what I picked up:

Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds
Siberian Tomato
Arugula...which I haven't grown before, but have always wanted to try
2 old Organic Gardening Magazine
some soybean seeds....I didn't think they could grow this far north, but the gardener I bought them from, told me this kind has been bred by Johnny's (US) specially for northern I will give it a try. Head over here, if you want to check out their catalogue:

Soybeans are high in protein...anything high in protein is worth trying to grow!

After making the rounds of the seed tables and talking with the gardeners, G and I started looking at other things they had there....some kitchen stuff....a table set up with vermicomposting, magazines, cookbooks, etc....

and then I spied this....I know this book, I think it is probably THE single best book on country living, small farming, etc. book out there! I took it out of the library awhile ago, and kept renewing it as long as I could!

Written by Carla Emery, it is chockful of info...if you have an interest in learning this kind of info, check to see if your local library has it in their catalogue....

Anyway, once I saw it, I just HAD to have I picked that up too!

Then we went out for lunch before heading back to our Valley and spent the rest of the day doing stuff around here....a very nice Saturday!

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