Monday, April 28, 2008

Seedling Update

OK, things are looking a bit better down in the seedling far (and it's still a bit early for ALL the plants to be up) we have:

21 Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes (100% germination) - this is pic on the left

6 Fantastic tomatoes (left over seed from last year)

9 Jetsetter tomatoes (will have to start more, if the rest don't come up)

13 Cauliflower

30 Sugar Beet (am Happy with that!) pic to the left

13 Broccoli (pic to the left)

yesterday was a write off for me...I've been trying to nip this cold in the bud...some days I feel pretty tired. This morning I feel better so far, so hopefully will get some stuff done today.

The G man worked on finishing enlarging the pig run and boy do we have 3 Happy Little Pigs! They've got fresh grass and soil to root around in!

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