Monday, April 28, 2008

Started More Seeds

This morning, I managed to get back down to the seedling room and started some more seeds. I had to turn on two more lights as my other table is full here's what I started:

21 more Red Acre Cabbage (this is the THIRD time)
21 dill
45 marigolds
12 Jetsetter tomatoes (the rest of those seeds)
2 Siberian Tomatoes (hey, i had two free spots in the seed tray, lol)

You may be wondering just why it is that I plant 21 seeds of my different varieties...the only reason is because that's how many cups my large seed trays will hold....I have now run out of those (for the time being).

I always go grocery shopping during those Case Lot Sales...soup, some veggies, etc....I always save the bottom boxes, and if they have that plastic on them, so much the better. I can use them to put my seed cups into...they don't look that cool, but free is free, right?

I am planting a Lot of Marigolds again this year, as they are Really Beneficial in the veggie garden....I will plant a few at the ends of the rows, and also try to plant a few within the rows themselves...there are a Lot of bugs that don't like the aroma of, it makes my garden look purtier! Sphere: Related Content

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