Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cleanup Fire

We had a cleanup fire the other day....all the scraps from the Gman's sawmilling...they were all piled up down by the barn....we have so much wood around here to use for firewood and kindling, we really didn't need this we Burnt It!

I Love a good fire...and after a couple hours of tossing wood, we were more area cleaned up!

Under the stack of wood, there was quite a bit of ice...

and I found yet another job to add to the To Do List for this year....sand and paint the wheel wells on the sawmill trailer.

While I was there, I took a pic of the newest pig run, boy, those pigs sure are chewing up the new area pretty quick...

We're away again for the day today...yesterday we went to town and met friends for a nice lunch...and they gave us more buns...E makes the Best Buns....and J made us another bird feeder...we'll get that hung up in the next couple of days.... Sphere: Related Content

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