Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dad and Mom's 50th Anniversary!

Today is a very Special day in my family! It is Dad and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary! 50 years of love and togetherness...what an accomplishment!

So, here's a few pics...a little trip down memory lane for my parents

Young and in love.....

and so, they got hitched

Check out that cake! My dad makes beautiful wedding cakes!

And so, they set off on their adventure together....

Not only had Dad snagged a Hot Mama, he also had a Hot Car!

He figured he had done very well...and so he slacked off a bit

They have snuggled in Banff....

and snuggled in Paris

Along the way, they owned a bakery...and baked a LOT of wonderful bread, pastries, cakes, etc....

Look at dem jelly rolls!

They had some kids....and a dog, Susie...they had to give her away tho, as some of the kids liked to pull her tail :(

A few years later...another bundle of joy came along....

There was a lot of joy...but many years later, as can happen in life, there was also heartbreak....

They have always enjoyed travelling, and took all their kids to Europe...we still have family in Holland.

They also loved sailing....

These days they spend about half the year travelling in their motorhome....the rest of the time is spent at their property on Vancouver Island....where they both enjoy working in the garden.

This weekend there is going to be a party for the whole family....there should be about 65 people there, it's gonna be fun!

So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

With All of our love,

Annie and Graham

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Anonymous said...

We enjoy having your parents in our bible study group. We hope you all have a wonderful party.
God bless you all,
Bryan and Madge Rudgard

Annie said...

Thank you Mrs. Rudgard, we all had a really great time on Saturday!

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