Monday, May 26, 2008

Peppers and Tomatoes

Just a few pics this morning....I gotta get out there and get some things done....

The Other day I potted up 6 of the peppers we started from seed....I've got them out on the porch in the daytime, but am still bringing them in at night. Up here, they really need to be in a greenhouse, but I doubt that will happen this year....we'll just do our best with them and see what happens.
(Just below the peppers, you can barely see the tomato greenhouse...I'll have to get some pics of that.)
Btw, yes we do have fencing up as a railing on our porch, lol! For was like this when we bought the place and we think we know why....the previous owner's original intention was to run the porch right around the house....that never got done. And we haven't done it yet either! So for now, the wire fence railing stays!
Two Habeneros, they look

nice and healthy at this point......

I took a close up of a few of the tomato seedlings...see how nice and tall they are getting?

If they get too leggy, that's all the Better! When it comes time to transplant into the greenhouse, I'll pull off the lower leaves and bury the stems up nice and high in the soil = a much better root system for the tomatoes.

Tomorrow, we head out for a 2 day road trip, yeehaw! We've been working fast and furious around here, so I am thinking a mini-holiday is just the ticket for us to get away and have some fun!!!!

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