Monday, May 12, 2008

Plants on the Move

This morning I moved 2 trays of green cabbage outside to start hardening them off....I'll bring them back in around lunchtime....tomorrow I'll put them back out and leave them out a few hours longer....over the next week I'll get them hardened off to the point I can put them in the garden.....

I moved some marigolds, the broccoli and cauliflower from the seedling room up into the living room....we get the most light in this corner.

Here's a pic of my second seedling table....on Saturday I seeded:

24 Lolita zuccini (my first time with this variety - btw, we're growing so many zuccini because it's great feed for the 3 Little Pigs....and of course, we need Several so we can leave them in our neighbour's cars....haha, no one locks their car doors around here...hey, we gotta make our own fun out here in the Valley!

6 Sunflowers (just to see if giving them an earlier start will be beneficial)

8 acorn squash (Table Gold - apparently only takes 3 feet of room...where these are going to go in the garden, I have no idea....will have to ponder that one.

Looked out the window a moment ago to see the Gman start rototilling the lower part of the main garden....I just finished cleaning up the kitchen, moving plants and tidying up....time for me to head outdoors to get to the work out there! Sphere: Related Content

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