Monday, May 12, 2008

Wells Gray Provincial Park

The Gman had a surprise for me yesterday, which of course was Mother's Day....after the neighbourhood coffee, he said let's go for a drive....well awhile later, here's where we ended up.

This is a provincial park a couple hours away....we had never been there before, and we only saw a tiny bit of the park yesterday....the park covers 5400 sq. kilometres of forest, mountains, waterfalls, alpine meadows, etc....also grizzly bear country (gulp!)

We drove to Mahood Lake, a narrow lake known for its stormy waters....

Skunk cabbage in bloom...there's a proper name for it, but this is what we have always called this plant....

Then we walked about .5 km to Mahood Lake Falls...beautiful!

We kept walking a few more minutes, and ended up at Canim Falls....simply breathtaking, and the roar of the water was so loud!

It was a Great Time to see these falls, as we have so much water running off the mountains at this time of year....

What a nice Mother's Day! And of course, I heard from both of my sons who called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! I'm such a lucky mom to have two such wonderful sons!

(I think the last pic is going onto my desktop!) For more info on Wells Gray, click here...
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