Sunday, June 22, 2008

Animal Feed from the Garden

I took all those radish tops, picked some spinach leaves and brought them into the kitchen. I had a couple stalks of store bought celery that wasn't good enuf for us to use, so I chopped up some radish leaves, threw it in the bag and that was meant for the laying hens.
Had a banana peel set aside for the pigs (Split into three, lol!) Then I chopped up the rest of the radish greens and spinach leaves really quite small. Brought it all down to the barn, tossed the peels for the piggies, emptied the plastic bag in the run of the hens, and set the tin plate with the finely chopped greens down in the meat bird room.
We added a bit of the greens right into their feed tray...and watched. They did slowly start to eat's hoping we can get them onto greens, so we can provide some of their feed from our veggie garden. In order to get them to eat greens, you're supposed to start feeding it to them, finely chopped at the age of 2 weeks....ours were 2 weeks old last Wed, today being Sunday = we're just a tad late....let's hope it works.
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