Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Must be Getting Sick

I must be getting's been coming on the last week or so....I think it started once I got most of the garden in.

I said to the Gman last week...something like "I should clean those windows, they're all spotty". that moved on to "Next week, I'm gonna get the windows all cleaned"....yeah right he probably thought.

I hate doing housework, oh, I just can't Stand it....Boring drudgery. I can Always find something else to do....and it's usually outside. Especially at this time of year, the last thing I think about is cleaning up the house.

And now, I have washed all the outside windows on 2 floors. That was yesterday. This morning, I am thinking I should go plant those turnips today, and what do I so instead???? I wash the windows on the inside, in the living room. (Boy do they look Nice! So, That's what clean windows look like!)

Right now I'm fighting an urge....I' contemplating washing two more inside windows...what the heck is wrong with me???? Don't I know I have to plant turnips, and then I can gather eggs, let the girls out, throw more hay down on the meat bird room floor? Walk thru the garden, do some weeding...stare at the 3 Little Pigs?

Just now, I looked to the right out my sparkling windows....beautiful out there. But between me and the windows, I notice a spider web hanging down.....That should come down, that not looking too good, lol!

yeah I don't feel too well....if you don't hear from me later, send in the troops...I've probably starting dunging out the kitchen and pantry!!

If you hear a loud crash, that's my Mom who fell out of her chair when she read this!

(I'm gonna try to get outside to get those turnips in.....unless I make a grab for the glass cleaner stuff instead) Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Hey Annie! That was too cute! dang I hate house work also... Hehe.

Annie said...

Hi Linda! I must still be unwell...I'm dusting and wiping, mopping and dunging out cupboards...I need to be saved!! (And thrown back outside in my garden where I belong!)


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