Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I spent an hour yesterday working on the tomatoes in both can see some of the plants are flowering....

by and large, they are looking quite healthy...there are 2 in the second greenhouse that we may lose...they don't look so good! I am wondering if maybe they have a split in their stem? These are the ones that were sooo leggy when I put them in...easy for them to bend over and end up splitting in two...maybe I didn't notice when I planted them?

First I added another round of the Velcro tape, higher up the stem....the tape will help hold up the plants, especially once they start fruiting...the plants will be quite heavy by then! And the bigger they get, the harder it will be for me to get in between the rows, so I try to do this early in the season.....

then I removed all the suckers (they come out in the "crotch" between stem and side leaf growth...see them?

a pic of suckers removed.....I try to pull them off just about as fast as I see them...we don't want any suckers....there is no point in the plant putting any energy into them

I also removed all the lowest leaves....see the white splotches on the leaves? That's because the leaves are getting wet when I water them....that's not good, it leads to disease. So pull of the lower branches (they won't have any fruit on them anyway). I waited just long enuf till I could see good top growth to ensure the plants were settled in.
I also got some more weeding done, and got all the outside windows washed...had to use the ladder for a lot of them....but now, I can give them a cleaning on the inside and we should be set for awhile!
Today I have to remember to plant some more turnips in the main veggie bed....I had planted kale but I sure had a lousy germination, so I'll throw in some turnip seeds to fill up the bare spots....

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