Monday, June 16, 2008

Labels, Comments and that Little Envelope

I talked with my Mom today, who wasn't that clear on that little envelope thingy at the bottom of the posts...if she isn't sure what it's for, there are likely others reading this blog who don't know I thought I would just throw a post up about a couple "housekeeping" thingys...

The Envelope - that's there so when you read a post and think "Hey, that's the info Joe was looking for", then you can hit the envelop and email that post directly to Joe. Neat eh?

Comments - At the bottom of each post, it says 0 Comments (or 1 Comment if someone has already left one). If you want to leave a comment, and I Really do want you to, just click on the word Comment. It'll take you to a new screen where you can type your comment. You can either sign in to your Google account if you have one, or just click on Anonymous if you like....either will work!

Labels - OK, I shoulda done this right from the beginning, but hey, I am new to this blogggg thing.....I will go back and put labels on each of my posts....this way, for example, say Joe wants to learn about growing mangels....he can click on the word Mangels on the right hand side of the blog list....doing this will pull up Every post I have made on that subject....

(I'll get that done over time...meanwhile, the sun is still shining, and I've cooled down enuf to get back out there and do some weeding). Sphere: Related Content

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